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WeatherPRO® Series PRO75

• Unique, patented, weather infiltration protection internal baffle system

• Net free venting area of 75 sq-in / 483 sq-cm

• Four PRO75’s will ventilate 1000 sq ft of attic space (approx)

• Roof pitch range 2/12 – 12/12

• Injection molded from pure, high grade polypropylene with premium UV inhibitors

• Top venting design uses chimney effect to channel moist air away from roof eliminating shingle staining

• Vent cap design with built in weeping holes eliminates bird nesting and water pooling

• Cold impact resistant down to -40˚

• UV resistant polypropylene

• CSA Pending



Engineered to resist denting, peeling, 

extreme heat and cold, impact resistant to -40˚

Black, Brown, Weatherwood, Grey, White

WeatherPRO’s patented internal baffles deflect water and snow, allowing it to drain harmlessly out the drainage openings. Designed to allow high airflow while providing excellent defense against weather infiltration.







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